HIGHR SPIRITS | Alcohol-Free Functional Cocktails | Lift your spirits naturally without the downsides | Ease Stress | Improve Mood | Real ingredients, no added sugar | No Preservatives | Sip, Smile, Repeat |



I'm Tim, the founder of HIGHR.

I created this company because as a non-drinker of nearly 8+ years, I craved something that would alter my consciousness - just a little bit - without the downsides of alcohol.

When I stopped drinking in 2014 there weren't nearly as many alcohol-free options as there are today. However, 95% of them don’t do anything. They taste nice but that’s where it stops. Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I don’t crave states of relaxion and happiness. That’s where HIGHR comes in.

HIGHR is the result of 3+ years of collaborative work. Pharmacists, herbologists and traditional healers on one side. Beverage specialists, mixologists, and a very famous chef on the other - and everyone in between.

Yes. I have also guinea-pigged myself on every legal, borderline, and not so much nootropic, traditional medicine and adaptogen that claimed to be effective in treating anxiety, mood- enhancing or in some way happiness-inducing. I've put my body and mind on the line!

HIGHR is the ultimate blend of delicious, as well as functional. The taste alone is next level. Although we cannot legally make any claims about the effectiveness of these drinks we're very pleased with the results.  Of course, they are not as strong as the effects of alcohol but please use caution and common sense. Consult your doctor if you're unsure about any of the ingredients. They are not recommended for kids or pregnant women.

Now it’s time to you to see for yourself. 

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Happy drinking!