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Gold Medal Collaboration: HIGHR x Chef Chase Kojima - A Fusion of Flavors and Function

We're absolutely thrilled to share the amazing news that our drink collaboration with the incredibly gifted Chase Kojima has pulled home the coveted Gold Medal at the World Alcohol-Free Awards. 

The HIGHR G&T was born when we joined forces with the incredibly gifted Chase. Our goal was to create a G&T that had a playful Japanese twist - that showcased Chase's amazing flair for flavors - whilst also being a highly functional drink ... that didn't taste like one.

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Besides being delicious, the HIGHR G&T is all about aiding relaxation and improving mood. With calming botanicals infused into the drink, it's designed to help you unwind and relax, while enjoying a refreshing and delicious experience.

Chase Kojima's Unique Touch:

Chase Kojima is a celebrated chef with an impressive career spanning over 20 years, having honed his skills in renowned kitchens around the world. He is the creative force behind Sokyo at The Star Sydney and Senpai Ramen in Burwood, where he showcases his mastery of modern Japanese cuisine and culinary innovation. 

Chase Kojima's rich culinary experience and expertise played a significant role in crafting the HIGHR G&T. Drawing from his Japanese roots, Californian upbringing, and fondness for Australian flavors, Chase added a mix of botanicals and ingredients that perfectly captured his culinary journey.

Celebrating the HIGHR G&T's Award-Winning Success:

This special, functional, and tasty drink is a testament to our shared passion for creativity and pushing boundaries, and to snag a gold medal at the prestigious World Alcohol-Free Awards, makes it all the more special.

Keep an eye out for more exciting partnerships and innovative, functional beverages from HIGHR, as we continue to explore the possibilities within the non-alcoholic drink scene.


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